9 Myths about Safety Belts for Truck Drivers

Safety belts are essential for maintaining safety on the road. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about the usage of seat belts. Buckle up and remain safe by busting these safety belt myths.

Buckle up

  1. Wearing a safety belt is a personal decision that doesn’t affect anyone else
  2. Safety belts are uncomfortable and restrict movement
  3. It’s better to be thrown clear of the wreckage in the event of a crash
  4. A large truck will protect you. Safety belts are unnecessary
  5. Safety belts prevent your escape from a burning or submerged vehicle
  6. It takes too much time to fasten your safety belt 20 times a day
  7. Good truck drivers don’t need to wear safety belts
  8. A lap belt offers sufficient protection
  9. Safety belts aren’t necessary for low-speed driving