A Place for Women in the Trucking Industry

Now more than ever, women are taking on the trucking industry. Many women are realizing that trucking is the perfect career for those who do not want to spend money on more education, but want to earn a sizeable salary. In fact, drivers can earn up to $50,000 in their first year after receiving their CDL. Women who are retired are turning to trucking as a way to keep earning money after they’re finished with their professions. With the increase in female drivers, we are also seeing an increase in couples who drive as a team. Driving as a team allows husbands and wives to travel the country together while earning money at the same time–something very attractive to mothers with empty nests.

In the past, the trucking industry was very unappealing to women. The trucks were difficult to drive, truck stops were dangerous, and sexual harassment was a major concern. Manufacturers have solved some of these problems with the addition of power steering, adjustable seats, and safety features, making the trucks easier to drive. With the addition of separate-sex bathrooms, women no longer have to be as concerned about sexual harassment in truck stops.

Soon, it won’t be so rare to see women behind the wheel!